Monday, 22 December 2014

Heterocera Travelogue #1: Shipton

For the first in the series of travelogues, I got up early in the morning, sat in my new transporter and drove towards north from my home - to Shipton.

Shipton is located on the north-eastern coast of Heterocera. Its larger part is actually under water, or on the islands off the coast, including an artificial one built by the parcel owner, while the much smaller part consists of a narrow strip of land on the mainland, between the railway tracks and the ocean.

Shipton borders with Triphosa on the south, Wainscot on the west and south-west, Plusia on the north, Haworth on the north-east and ocean expanses of Abraxas on the east. As such, it can be directly accessed by SLRR and water vehicles. Its waterways are fully passable, but beware – some of the residents don’t take kindly to people passing through their waters. At the moment there are no banlines anywhere in Shipton, but your vehicles might get returned even while you’re sitting in them, with no warning, as I’ve experienced recently. So much for the local hospitality.

The southern tip is completely abandoned as of several months ago, with my former neighbour’s furniture and dock still hovering above the ground, defying the general rules by which LL does away with objects on abandoned land after a relatively brief period of time.

As for any local sites worth seeing, given the dearth of residents, there isn’t much. The resident inhabiting Shipton’s northern island owns some interesting builds, including the lighthouse, but I wouldn’t advise lingering in the vicinity for too long.

To visit Shipton, TP to the northern location, close to the border with Spangle and Wainscot. With a modestly set draw distance, the elevation will give you a nice, clear view over the whole region.

In the next travelogue, we’ll explore Wainscot.

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