Wednesday, 24 December 2014

Heterocera Travelogue #3: Spangle

Moving northwards from Wainscot via the SLRR, we reach Spangle - a coastal region bordering with Shipton and Wainscot on the south, Plusia on the west, Satelite on the north, and Haworth on the east.
Unlike Wainscot, which for the most part looks rather deserted, Spangle leaves a very different impression, largely thanks to only two residents - Squix Ghia and his over 30.000 sqm large parcel under the name of Izzabella’s Paradise and Lord Valeska with his two Urban Apocalypse parcels.

Traveling from the south via the SLRR, one first sees Izzabella’s Paradise on the right - a large, odd-looking building. Entirely empty on the ground floor, it houses a gallery in the basement, containing a series of BDSM images. Behind the gallery is a beach bar, with a view of the Shipton islands, the surrounding ocean and Squix' artistic builds placed alongside the docks.

Also part of Izzabella's Paradise is a rather spacious park area containing more things created by Squix.

On the other side of the railway tracks, there is Spangle Urban Apocalypse Land. It sounds ominous, but the word I’d use is bizarrre. One first reaches a lovely small conifer forest.
Cross the rails and you enter the other parcel, with an eclectic assortment of clutter, gadgets, strange noises and some adult content. From an innocent looking garden plot and apple orchard in one corner to dinosaurs about to devour naked girls in the other. Have I mentioned a giant spider?

Local diner looks interesting, with scantily clad women inviting you into a place I would rather not eat in.
The atmosphere is that of a seedy topless bar. There’s more adult content in the bathroom, as well as in some of the surrounding builds, such as animated straight porn images, poses and animations.
Not far from the diner, SLRR tracks end with the Spangle Station - one of the nicer ones on the continent. 
The entire north-eastern corner of Spangle is uninhabited, owned by Virtual Railway Consortium (VRC) Holdings. It’s a place where you can grab a free train and inspect a map of the continent. 
On the same parcel there’s also a small sandy beach, with the view of the builds in Izzabella’s Paradise and the Shipton islands in the background.
After the desolate scenery in most of Shipton and Wainscot, Spangle seems quite refreshing, practically teeming with life. With only a very little part of it consisting of abandoned land, Spangle is an interesting place to visit and spend some time in exploring the park and coastal areas, or have a meal in the diner (if you're brave enough) - maybe even have a quickie if you’re into that kind of thing! 

Interestingly, no part of Spangle is residential, all of it is open to public (or seems to be) with no banlines anywhere in sight.

For the next instalment, I’m going to stay in the immediate area and write about a location probably well known to most train lovers in SL - Plusia with its large train station and depot.

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