Monday, 22 December 2014

Heterocera Travelogue #2: Wainscot

After a visit to Shipton, we move northwards, to Wainscot. Unlike Shipton, Wainscot is landlocked, with no direct access to ocean or other waterways. However, it has the benefit of SLRR and the access to a Linden road. Wainscot is bordering with Philireme on the south, Drinker on the west, Plusia on the north and Shipton on the east.
Entering Wainscot from the south via the SLRR, the first thing you notice is Herman Bergson’s School of Philosophy building. Herman is one of the earliest residents here and quite possibly the oldest, owning his parcel for a number of years now. He holds philosophy classes there, Tuesdays and Thursdays. You can’t miss this place, with a large lighthouse and protective screens, all fullbright. Herman and his school deserve a separate post, so stay tuned for that one.
The rest of Wainscot is a sad sight. Behind the School of Philosophy there are Mandalay Stables (
At the time of my visit, the place was in a pitiful state, with horses inside crying and starving, their indicators showing hunger and thirst at 100%. Sitting there in my car, I wished I could somehow set them free. Or kick the owner’s ass!
Immediately next to the Mandalay Stables is the curiously built office space for Angel Rentals.
The only other thing left to describe is Robert’s Workshop (, with a carnivorous couch, and a big book containing notecards with chapters to a story, presumably written by Robert.
The verdict? With the exception of School of Philosophy (for its educational value and the community that gathers there regularly), the rest of Wainscot is a complete disaster. Definitely not a tourist spot. You should visit only if you’re an animal rights activist, to protest the state of things at Mandalay Stables. Or someone who likes to be eaten by a couch in a vintage, circa 2007, SL setting.

Next time, we’ll go further north, to Spangle.

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