Monday, 22 December 2014

Cultivating mainland

[Originally posted on Tumblr, 19 March, 2014]

I have recently bought my first land in SL, and it’s been a really nice experience. It had taken a few days to visit numerous vacant parcels on the mainland until I found what I was looking for. What used to be three smaller adjoining parcels, I joined into one and put up a tent. Literally.
The land itself is a pretty narrow strip of coastland, with about half of my parcel actually under water. The following day or two, I worked a bit on terraforming, making the northwestern end more flat, with the rest of the land hilly and relatively steep. What came next was the house…
… followed by trees: spruce in the southwestern parts, and a small olive grove on the opposite side (which I might replace with more conifers). I also added a small sunroom, a deck, and a floating helipad in the waters off the coast.
Given the proximity of rail tracks, I added a small train station in the very center of the parcel, with maps of the continent, a vending machine and a few other gadgets for visitors.

 Decorating the house has been a lot of fun, but that’s a different topic.
Having seen so many deserted and un(der)developed parcels on the mainland, I liked the idea of buying a mainland parcel and making it nice, not just for me. Sure, I guess my land is nothing special, but it does feel like home and I’ve enjoyed working on it. Plus, it felt really nice when I got an IM the other day from a neighbor I haven’t met in person yet, just saying “Welcome to the neighborhood. Your place is perfect!”

P.S. I can’t thank enough my friend Duncan, who has helped me so much with everything.