Thursday, 25 December 2014

Christmas Eve in SL

There is something reassuring about the cyclical nature of the church calendar. I'm always a bit sad towards the end of the Advent season, but that comforting feeling came back to me as I was sitting in front of the Anglican Cathedral in SL this evening. Having arrived a bit early for the Christmas Eve service, I spent some quiet time there, just watching the snow fall and thinking about the people close to me. Holding them in the light, as Quakers would say.
The sim looked lovely under a thick blanket of snow on the ground, and with the starry sky above.
Eventually a small group of people gathered at 2pm SLT to mark the end of this year's Posada event - the symbolical arrival of the Holy Family, after their long Advent journey. Mostly it's the very same people who were there last year and the year before. Prayers are said, Scripture lessons are read. Everything is short and moves quickly, but so heavy with meaning. I feel I need an extra moment or two after each line, to savour the words. At the end, best wishes are exchanged and people move on.
How curious to have things like these happen in the virtual world. And how wonderful.