Friday, 26 December 2014

Christmas Day

Living in a country where Christmas isn't commonly celebrated on December 25 does feel strange, and very different from my home country.

For one, it's a regular working day - that alone is bad enough. There's practically nothing of that holiday cheer on the streets, or on TV or the radio. One gets to feel some of the atmosphere only in shopping malls, which were already fully decorated about a month ago. In a way, all that can be a good thing, as it helps focus on the true meaning of Christmas, underneath all the entertainment and commercialism. But it can also make one feel a bit lonely and displaced.

In any case, SL came to the rescue. After a hectic day in RL, it was nice to be able to attend a brief church service inworld (I had to miss the Christmas morning service in my RL church because of work), and even nicer to have some quiet time at Duncan's Tharki Land home afterwards.
 We shared a meal...
...watched some TV together and had fun with the pets.

So at least the day ended right. Christmassy, with a warm and fuzzy feeling.

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