Monday, 22 December 2014

Chapel Island

[Originally posted on Tumblr, 3 April, 2014]

The latest addition to my land is a small island, replacing the helipad I didn’t have much use for (it turns out, the region is not that convenient for flying due to nearby banlines and problematic sim crossings).
Instead of that, last night I made a small retreat on the island. I wanted the place to reflect my spiritual values and so to be simple, minimalistic and open, with an airy and light quality. Recognizably Christian, but in a gentle and unassuming way.
This prefab from Scarlet Creative, with a few details from POST, the Domineaux Effect and other creators, was just perfect for that.
I may add a few things over the coming days - I’m mainly thinking plants and animals, but I’m already satisfied with how it turned out.