Monday, 22 December 2014

Blutmai 1929

One of the biggest annual events in the 1929 Berlin sim is the reenactment of the violent clashes between the security forces and the Communist Party activists that occured from May 1 to May 3, 1929. Last year I took a more active role, but this time I stood aside and observed, taking a few pics here and there.

 Ominous signs at the main railway station! 

Communists protesting and trying to break through the barricade.

So young and already a Party activist!

Mayhem erupts! A woman runs across the street - is she an innocent or a terrorist?

As the state of emergency is declared, streets become empty. Shots can still be heard from my window.

Uh oh, there are reported deaths near the Communist Party HQ!

Will the emergency come quickly enough to help all who are wounded?  

In spite of the surrounding chaos, there’s not a bad time to light a cigarette…
Being a nervous eater, I hide in a grocery and have some snacks. Sadly, I was shot through the window. I died immediately and was TPed back home…


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