Monday, 22 December 2014

Artful Eternal

The artist, Artful Eternal, has been near-blind since the age of 3. Second Life has given her a chance to indulge her artistic impulses and create paintings, woodcarvings and other forms of artwork that she wouldn’t be able to in RL. Back in May, I had the chance to see her works at Galeria Mexico.
This is how she put it in her promotional material: “I have no 3 dimensional information through my eyes. […]  My world has always been like jumping into the middle of Monets painting […] When I got into SL I found a world, that when I looked at it - wow, I am home now, this is the way I have always seen, all flat and you need to guess how far things are, are they round, is there fall down or not… this looks how I see in RL!!! But I cannot fly or TP in RL, and there I cannot edit like here.”
She added that her art carries an inspirational message, especially for the disabled. “I am sure there are myriad of hidden talents - and don’t say you can’t - you can if you really want, what ever it is. Maybe you will be a singer, a book writer, or a photographer, or what all this virtual world gives. Think [about] that and scratch your head, asking “what shall I start….”

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