Thursday, 18 January 2018

Asmita Duranjaya's art in Nice Atoll sim

Last night Duncan, Ciska and I paid a visit to Nice Atoll sim, to see Asmita Duranjaya's works currently on display there. It's been first time since 2014 that I had a chance to see her works - the notes from that exhibition you can find here.

The first impression, for me at least, was one of confusion - and that has to do with how things are organised at Nice Atoll. First off, lots of very bright colours, quite heavy on the eyes. And secondly, the exhibition area, or areas actually, seemed rather disorganised, and maze-like. I assume it was done on purpose, but it made things a bit hard to follow - and I'm sure I've actually missed a few pieces there.

Those things aside, the actual artwork was quite interesting; there were several exhibits that I just kept staring at.

To see the latest exhibition, the one we actually came for, "Fossile Artifacts", you need to use one of the teleporters, or walk into a tunnel. The fractals there are fossil-like haut-reliefs, somewhat obscured by the foggy reddish windlight. While we were there, Asmita was also present, providing us with brief guidance through the area.

There's yet another exhibition on the other side of Nice Atoll, on a very different subject - dedicated to contemporary Afghan poetry (with German and English translations available), but I just had a very quick look at that one.

If you enjoy fractal art, do come and see Asmita's works - but come well rested and with enough time to go through all the tunnels, and various separate areas.

To visit the interstellART space in Nice Atoll, follow this SLurl.

Saturday, 6 January 2018

Notes from the opening of Goh Mishima exhibition

As I announced in an earlier post, yesterday at Refugium instead of our regular silent movie night, we had a special event. It was a combination of a (slightly belated) New Year celebration, an exhibition opening and a movie night - all on the theme of Japan.

As people started gathering inside Refugium castle, we first had a little chat, meeting friends old and new. The food cart was (and remains) filled with nice Japanese food...

The exhibition displays works of Japanese homo-erotic artist Goh Mishima, sometimes described as yakuza porn - consisting of masculine characters wearing tattoos typical of Japanese mobsters. We've all noticed certain resemblance to the art of Tom of Finland, but with distinctly Japanese features.

After touring the exhibition, we all descended to the cinema hall where we watched a short silent movie travelogue of Japan, made in the 1920s...

Once the movie finished, we had a small party, starting with the breaking of a barrel of sake.

And after nightfall, we had fun with sparklers and fireworks!

The exhibition remains open throughout January 2018. To reach Refugium, please follow this SLurl.

Friday, 5 January 2018

A special Japan event at Refugium

On Friday, 5 January 2018, there will be a special three-part event at Refugium. Starting at 1 pm SLT, there will first be the opening of an exhibition displaying works of Japanese homoerotic artist Goh Mishima. Upon teleporting, visitors will receive a notecard and a HUD accompanying the exhibition. (Note: some of the works are explicit.)

After the tour of the gallery space, we will enjoy some delicious Japanese food and sweets in the castle courtyard.

And if you're in a more reflective mood, you can visit the small shinto shrine at the northern tip of the island.

Finally, around 1:30 pm SLT, we will have our regular Friday silent movie night - this time we'll be watching a short silent film travelogue of Japan, made in the 1920s (the decade in which Mishima was born).

To reach Refugium, please follow this SLurl. Looking forward to having you with us!

P. S. Many thanks to Duncan Armundsen and Ciska Riverstone for helping out with the preparations for this event! <3

Friday, 3 November 2017

Silent movie nights in November 2017

After the October horror theme, we're moving on to another one: science fiction! This month's selection is very much an international one, presenting some of the earliest and most accomplished examples of sci-fi cinema.

As always, silent movie nights take place Friday at 1 pm SLT (except for 5 November, which due to DST exceptionally starts at 2 pm SLT), at this SLurl.

3 November 2017
A Trip to Mars (Himmelskibet; Denmark, 1918)

10 November 2017
A Message from Mars (UK, 1913)

17 November 2017
The Crazy Ray (Paris qui dort; France, 1924)

24 November 2017
Woman in the Moon (Frau im Mond; Germany, 1929)
**note: this one is quite long - close to two and a half hours - so we will probably watch it in two parts, continuing on 1 December.

Wednesday, 18 October 2017

Biker Bar on Route 12

This mainland parcel used to be the location of Odie Cinema, before its recent move back to Second Norway.

Now, if you travel along Route 12 on the mainland continent of Nautilus, you can make a stop here, refill your tank and grab something to eat and drink.

There might even be some live entertainment!

Sure enough, there's a restroom, too.

So, weary traveller, do come by! Here's the SLurl.

P. S. As I've pretty much reached the prim limit there, you definitely won't be able to rezz a vehicle or much else on the parcel, but there's a public rezz zone in immediate vicinity!

Tour of my haunted island

Over the last week I made many changes to Refugium, my island in Second Norway. This time it was not just the usual reshuffle of furniture... There are whole new builds and features, and the place has taken a darker, Gothic feel to it.

The landing point is close to the dock. From there you can walk towards the castle, or into the forest.

The castle itself is a beautiful build made by Compulsion. It looks primmy, but it has actually saved me a tonne of prims, as I've been able to house inside everything I used to have in my previous home building(s), plus the Refugium meditation centre, and then some more.

Walking through the gate, you will find yourself inside a court where there is some food available (there's always food and drinks everywhere on my parcels :D). Behind me is the new meditation space, a chapel-like room whose interior will be familiar to those who've been attending our daily meditation sessions.

Nothing on my land is strictly speaking private, and people are welcome to come inside the castle. On the ground floor is my sitting room and kitchen...

The top floor serves as bedroom... But I wanted to show you two special rooms. One is found on the first floor, and it's dedicated to celebrated gay artist Tom of Finland.

The other one is the basement. There I make my potions and do other witchy things... One of the walls is a tribute to one of my favourite TV shows, the original Dark Shadows from the 1960s.

I won't say much about what's in the forest. Just be careful when you get to the cemetery, as this is the season when the veil is thin... You don't know who or what may creep out of those graves!

Once you've made it safely to the other side of the island, you will find the new entrance to the cinema. It used to be on a mainland parcel, but now I've been able to move it to the island. The hall itself is in a skybox, but here you can get some popcorn and use the teleporter (it's the time machine lying on the floor, next to the ticket booth).

At the northern tip of the island there's another dock for boats, and a cafe with Halloween treats.

As I've gone a little crazy with rezzing, I'll be removing some of the things soon after Halloween, so please visit until then. Again, here's the SLurl.

P. S. Silent movie nights take place Fridays, starting at 1 pm SLT. You can find the current schedule here, or join the Facebook group to get the regular updates.